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REP Provisions

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REP Provisions is one of the newer meat companies in the US. They have a strong and intense focus on regenerative agriculture without the use of anything artificial. Grass-fed is their highest priority and therefore make sure to only source from American farmers who share this philosophy before becoming part of their butcher box program.

They not only want to deliver the best meat possible, with they way of farming they maintain and protect nature and provide habitat for plants, birds and other animal species. 


Grass-Fed Beef:

The beef is 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef. This means that the cows live their entire lives on American green pastures and eat American grasses and plants. Never added hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, MRNA vaccines or chemicals. Just grass. What’s even better is that the farms are verified by the Savory Institute and Certified Bird Friendly by the Audubon Society. REP Provisions is also part of the Regenerative Movement; a movement to increase regenerative agriculture throughout the country.

Heritage Pork

The pigs are raised regenerative as well. It’s a heritage breed, this means no genetic modifications are done to the pig an the pigs are healthier and provide tastier pork. Like all REP Provision products: No added hormones, antibiotics or (MRNA) vaccines. The pigs roam freely in a forest area. They eat nuts (walnuts, pecans), grass, forbs and really anything they can find in their land. Never any soy or GMO corn! They live a healthy life, which means healthy meat. What’s good for the planet is good for the consumer.

Pasture Raised Chicken

REP Provisions Chicken is truly pasture raised. They are outdoors, roam freely and are moved daily throughout the fields so they always have access to new fresh pastures and food. Never will they get any type of GMO food like GMO corn or soy. No antibiotics are used, no MRNA or added hormones.

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