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The Missouri Farm butcher box service comes from humble beginnings. The Schneider family who owns and run the farm have kept it to running the farm in the old-fashioned traditional way. It’s a true American farmer’s story, that started in Missouri, USA.

They are a family farm to the core and work hard. They started small and local. Family and friends helped to deliver the meat in the community.
Missouri farm applies the no-till farming method. This has huge advantages over traditional tilling: Instead of tilling the soil they plant crops without disrupting the soil. Tillage helps the natural ecosystem of the soil. This improves soil health plus more.
For their grass-fed beef they apply rotational grazing for their livestock. This is the healthiest way of ranching cows. Not just for the cows, also for the land. They have 7 pastured of green land which all have their own water source like a creek or a river. The cows are stress-free and live in optimal conditions.

To fertilize the soil the manure of the cows, chicken and pigs themselves is used. No chemical or artificial fertilization at all, all pure natural in harmony with mother nature. This conserves scarce resources, maintains and improves fertility of the soil and is obviously the most sustainable way of raising livestock and agriculture. The difference can be tasted in the meat, which makes it so great that Missouri Farms started their own butcher box meat delivery service. Try them out and order Missouri Farms with discount. Order Missouri Farms with a discount


Beef, chicken and pork

Missouri Farms stays to the core principle of products: Pasture raised beef, chicken and pork. All made in America, Missouri. Their meats are of the same quality as in the pioneers’ days when everything was in essence organic. Old fashioned farming makes organic food. Missouri Farms takes pride in raising livestock the small-town way but available to the city people. You can taste the hard work, knowledge and dedication that went into raising their livestock.

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Missouri Farm Fresh