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When you look at the website of Perdue Farms butcher box service one thing is clear: Quality is extremely important to them.  They’ve been in business for over 100 years. The current owners and operators are the fourth generation. A fully American owned and operated organization. A butcher box service the nation can be proud of.

Perdue farms takes animal welfare, organic farming, sustainability for the land and animal into the highest priorities. Perdue Farms truly made themselves a market leader and standard setter in the butcher box service industry of the Unites States of America.

The organic and regenerative agriculture practices that are now buzzwords have been the tradition from the start at Perdue. They NEVER use anti-biotics or added hormones. You can feel safe and proud to be feeding your family with Perdue farms products. For example, their chicken is 100% USDA-certified vegetarian fed. No animal byproducts or whatsoever.

Working green with respect for the environment is the way to go for Perdue. Their products far exceed the USDA requirements and packaged in a fully biodegradable and recyclable boxes.


Perdue Farms resells a multitude of brands. They work with American family-owned farmers and ranches throughout the USA. Most of these farms are just like Perdue farms a multigeneration business. The must meet the strict demands and guidelines Perdue Farms sets for them to raise their livestock with sustainability and animal welfare in mind. 

Beef: Hoover Farms

Hoover Farms is operated by Norman Hoover, who started his business in 2013 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was raised on a farm, it’s in his blood. A true American hero when it comes to farming. He operates an approx. 67 of beautiful acres of green pastures, forest, ponds and farm houses and shelter. Norman is proud to be part of the Perdue Farms butcher box program and happy to supply fellow Americans with the best the US agriculture has to offer.

Chicken: Jenkins Farms

Jenkins Farms is located in Martin County, North Carolina, and under the leadership of American farmers Corris Jenkins. He’s an experienced one: 15 years of sustainable agriculture under his belt. Customers can be assured that the chickens he produces are safe, clean, raised with the best standards. He is a third-generation farmers of American soil and proud to be supplying the Perdue Butcher Box program with the finest chicken.

Chicken: Worth the Wait Farm

Worth the Wait Farm is native to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Owners Christian and Laura are in charge of operation after taking it over from William Penn, the original godfather and founder of the farm. They initially started with crops: Alfalfa, beans and corn. Later they added beef (100+ cows), dairy cows and chicken in 2016.

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