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These days chicken has all sorts of labeling; organic, free-run, free-range, blue label, all-natural, omega-3 etc. But there use to be simply one way: Pasture Raised. And that’s what Pasture Bird is all about: Pasture raised chicken.

Founder farmer Paul Greive is on a 95% paleo diet. As a father of 4 him and his wife wanted to make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle for him and his family. Food is one of the most important aspects when it comes to our health. Paul wants to make sure he raised the healthiest children and chickens.


Pasture raised chicken 

Pasture Birds chickens are almost always outdoor and move freely. Movement makes healthy chickens. Just like humans they need exercise. They are on fresh green pastures where they can freely eat bugs, worms, grass, forage and whatever mother nature has to offer. At night they are safe in coops to get some well-deserved rest.

Not only is pasture raised livestock like chicken good for the animals themselves, it’s also good for the soil. It enriches the soil, it’s regenerative agriculture.

As a result, the nutrition value is simply a lot higher in Pasture Bird’s chicken compared to conventional chicken: High level of vitamins, omegas, minerals and fatty acids. And of course, always non-GMO.

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Pasture Bird