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Good Ranchers believes that the American Food system is broken. They provide a solution to this problem. By sourcing only from American farmers and ranchers they connect people to the source, the American farmers. They believe every American has the righ and duty to eat local, support local and eat top quality American meat and fish. The Good Ranchers butcher box program was founded by Ben and Corley Spell. In their quest to provide their family with local and organic meat they saw the need for all Americans to eat the way they do and founded Good Ranchers. 100% Grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken, wild-caught salmon and more. 

Good Ranchers products

Beef: 100% American

Over 100thousands local and independent farms have closed down in the USA in the last decade. That’s why Good Ranchers works with local American family farmers. By buying from local farmers they keep the supply chain in the USA. They want to strengthen the domestic production of beef and other products. Why sacrifice American ranches to the mass imported beef chains? Support local 100% grass-fed beef, that’s the mission. Sourced from USA. They are truly one of the few 100% American sourced butcher boxes available in the USA.

Chicken: American Pasture Raised

Good Ranchers chicken are pasture raised. Not cooped, but open in the farm’s fields of the USA. Chickens love open spaces. This allows them to roam freely, be happy and eat an all-natural diet of worms, grass, bugs and other natural foods. 100% air chilled, vacuum sealed and flash frozen.

Seafood: 100% wild-caught in American waters

Good Ranchers only offers 100% wild caught fish. They neatly hand pick the best fisher man in the USA. Top quality standards for sustainability, freshness and fishing standard.

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Good Ranchers