How to Compare

There are not 1 size fits all for when comparing and rating a butcher box service. What the best butcher box service is for you might be completely different for someone else. Therefore, we used rating measurements that are most often used by consumers comparing a butcher box service. We include the following factors:  

CompanySourcingShipping CoverageProductsPrice LevelFree shipping formBuild your box optionUnique featuresScore
American – Mid-WestAll States including Hawai and Alaska + CanadaBeef, Steaks, Desserts Seafood,Low$ 179.00NoUSDA Prime, Wagu, Kobe9.5
100% AmericanAll continental statesBeef, Chicken, Lamb, PorkLow$ 99.00YesHeritage breeds, all certifications9.7
100% AmericanAll continental statesBeef, Chicken , PorkMedium$ 159.00YesStraight from the farm9.6
100% AmericanAll States including Hawai and AlaskaBison, Elk, Venison, Lamb BeefMedium$ 250.00YesUnique products9.5
100% AmericanAll States including Hawai and AlaskaBeef, Chicken, Pork, SeafoodLow$ 125.00YesHeritage breeds9.5
100% AmericanAll continental statesBeef, Chicken, PorkMedium$ 125.00YesGood reputation9.3
100% AmericanAll continental statesBeef, Chicken, Pork, SeafoodMedium$ 129.00NoCool website9.2
100% AmericanAll continental statesChickenMedium$ 99.00YesSpecialized in chicken9.1
American and importedAll continental statesBeef, Pork, Lamb, Duck, Dairy, GroceryMedium$ 150.00YesFull grocery store9
100% AmericanAll continental statesBeef, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Sides & DessertsLow$ 160.00YesFull grocery store9

Sourcing (overseas vs USA): When comparing butcher box services, you will notice that some import from all over the world and other focus solely on the smaller American family farm. Since we rate butcher box services in the USA for Americans, we rate butcher boxes who source from American farmers higher in score.

Shipping coverage: Where does the butcher box service ship to and what is the shipping cost? Not all butcher box services ship everywhere in the USA. Some just focus on their State, local country or East coast West coast. Others ship everywhere including Alaska and Puerto Rico. The more coverage a service has the higher the score.

Assortment of products: Most butcher box services offer a variety of products in the meat and fish section like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, bison or even venison and fish. Some of the butcher box services focus on a higher quality and only retails grass-fed & grass-finished products from farmers who raise livestock in a regenerative agricultural method. Other butcher box services are more like a full grocery store. The more specialized in meat and fish in a sustainable method, the higher score will be applied.

Price level and affordability: What is the pricing level like and how do we compare apples to apples. This is a difficult factor to compare since each butcher box service is different and works with different farmers and sources. We tried our best to give an as precise and honest comparison of prices and weigh out the different quality levels to each other.

Entry level and free shipping: The minimum order / entry level that can be placed and minimal order in dollars to quality for free delivery.

Build your box option: Most butcher box services offer you the option to custom build your own box in terms of size and selection these days but not all. This is a big customer service feature since not everyone has the same preference for what they eat.

Unique products and features: Each butcherbox service is unique and has its own specific feature of product they specialize in. We allocated scores to a higher unique value that specifically relates to sourcing local and sustainable.

Comparing all butcher box services available in the USA is a lot of time consuming and tedious work. Our professional comparison method saves time and gives a well-rounded comparison of our 10 best butcher box services available in the USA by our ratings. We limited it to a top 10 to keep our website and comparison structured and organized.