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Meat and fish have become a mysterious product from anonymous butchers and farmers in today’s economy. It’s often mass produced, full or hormones and antibiotics. Far from what it used to be. Nothing like from what our ancestors, not even our grandparent were used to eating. 

Farm Foods their mission is to make buying meat and fish personal again. They bring back the concept of nourishing flavorful meats locally sourced. From the farm, delivered in a box straight from the butcher to your home. True American farmers with high standards for quality an animal welfare: Genuine, of undisputed origin, and a reliable butcher box service.

Farm Foods options

100% American Grass-fed beef: Marksbury Farms

Locally sourced in the USA from Marksbury Farms. They are based in Kentucky. Known for its beautiful grasslands. Marksbury is a proud partner of Farm Foods. They started in 2010 and have expanded to be a leader in 100% grass-fed beef produced in the USA. Real American grass, real American Beef. With being a proud partner of Farm Food butcher box delivery service, they can now serve every American in the nation. All their farms are USDA-inspected as well as their processing facilities. The highest standards are maintained. The packaging is superior: vacuum sealed and flash frozen.

Pasture Raised Chicken: Pasture Bird

Like the name says, Pasture Bird only raises pasture-raised birds. An all natural growth cycle of growing outdoors on American pasture. A natural diet of seeds, worms, grasses and bugs, fully American. They are the leader in pasture raised birds in the USA. With the Farm Foods butcher box program now every American can taste the true taste of what chicken should taste like. Never antibiotcis, never added growth hormones.


Always source wild, from wild fisherman. Mostly from Alaskan fisherman.

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Farm Foods